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Jen has the Let's Save Local concept plan

The initial concept of Let's Save Local began with Jennifer, a marketing professional, trained in specialized software development. On a wintry day in December 2019, Jen called her friend, Paul , a financial professional with experience building businesses, and pitched a new business concept making use of social media chat bots for businesses (see note a), emphasizing, "this is a business that just should exist." Paul was in. After months of work building the backbone of the company, their planned summer 2020 launch was crushed by COVID and by May, the project was shelved.

One year later, Paul called Jen and they agreed the time to bring the business to life was now, but this time with a tweak toward what you see today.


COIVD was devastating to business, education and fundraising. Further, people were now more accustomed to using their phones for scanning codes (for example: menus) and everyone is more attuned to supporting local business in a post-pandemic world. In a strange way, COVID brought us closer together with our families and neighbors. Our mentality shifted a little more towards caring for the people close to us. We resemble that.

Paul likes Let's Save Local

In June 2021, the duo began refining the prior year's work, making adjustments and improvements toward simplicity and making sure it can be a win for everyone in their community. Starting the day at 7AM at Colectivo Coffee in Mequon, Wisconsin, to plan and strategize. It took some time to build out properly, but by February 2022, we were ready to launch!

For both Paul and Jen, Let's Save Local is at the heart of who they are. Besides a professional work history, they are lifelong volunteer leaders in the community. Through their volunteerism, they have proven to be innovators and first stage builders with a history of making every organization better than when they arrived.


Paul and Jen are also big picture idealists. They love their community and see the value of all stakeholders working together. It is no accident Let's Save Local's framework includes everyone. But it doesn't stop in just one area. Imagine Let's Save Local in adjacent cities, towns and villages, with everyone sharing in the ideal to support each other. This is Paul and Jen's shared vision. Connected stakeholders and they've started a business to support it.

note a

For those of you still interested and for a note in history, the initial business was called "Simmi Chat" and featured an adorable little chat bot named (of course) Simmi. Simmi is a clever, funny and pretty Fonzie cool bot to talk to. We know, we programmed her. Simmi was actually designed for an entirely different function which does not exist in the world today, but should (we would tell you what drives Simmi's business, but then we would have to flash you with a bright light to make you forget before you tell anyone). As for now, Jen and Paul think Simmi may be a little ahead of her time, and so she is going to wait patiently to make her debut, once her little brother, Let's Save Local gets some steam. You're going to love it. Trust her!

Simmi the Chat Bot
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