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Let's Save Local is a free way to increase your local visibility by offering savings to your community. But its bigger than that. A portion of every Let's Save Local membership purchased supports local nonprofits to help them raise needed funds. Together, everyone wins. Once you sign-up, we'll get you what you need to be a valued partner and start enjoying the benefits.

It's really easy for your customers to show you they are a member, so you can provide your discount offer. Watch the video above.


Help Us, Help You

Once you've submitted your information to become a Let's Save Local Partner, complete our short survey so we can start promoting you. 


Your offer can be whatever you want, but we ask it to be the best offer you provide.

  • It can be single-use.

  • It can be multi-use.

  • In can run for the year or a short-period of time.


We have a lot of flexibility since this is a totally digital platform.

Offer Type

Single-Use Offers

  • Get people to try you. Single-use are also the most popular and most encouraged.

  • A Single-se big deal to get people in the door is 20-25% OFF, one-time.

Multi-Use Offers

  • Encourage and reward loyalty.

  • Multi use offers can have a limit in number or frequency, just like paper coupons.

  • Can be changed weekly. Just text the word CHANGE to 470.798.4545.

  • Add one for holidays or special events.

  • We send you a monthly reminder text asking if you want to keep, change or stop your offer.

Your Goals

Goal #1 New Customers -- Let's get them in the door! Big discounts with a single use.


Action: Big Discount to Encourage Trial

  • Let's Save Local recommends a 20-25% discount to be used only once per year.

  • Anything 25% or above will get special recognition to Members.

  • Let's get them in the door for you first!

Goal #2: Repeat Purchases -- Once people know your business, you'll want to inspire them to come back again, especially if they have other choices nearby. Smaller discounts with limited frequency.​


Action: Discounts to Inspire Another Purchase

  • We recommend a 10-15% discount to be used with some limitations, like weekly or monthly.

  • This is a great way to incentivize people to try you again. One restaurant owner told me, "It's the get off the couch savings".

  • Remember, you can change the offer each week or turn it off.

Goal #3: Build Customer Brand Loyalty -- To encourage customers to "always pick you", reward them for their loyalty.


Action: Offer Something For Showing Up

  • This would be a discount that is ALWAYS ON.

  • Let's Save Local recommends a free item or a 5% discount.

  • This is a great way to make your customers feel you appreciate them.


Here's How Your Business Benefits in Exchange For Your Offers to Members


Community Goodwill is established because people know Let's Save Local partners are generous and support the greater good. Remember, when you stop chasing the dollar, the dollar will start chasing you.

Increased Sales and Profit margins driven by higher throughput. Let's Save Local drives customers TO you by letting Members know (reminding Members) each week what business savings are available.

Increased Visibility in the Community means people will know your name, which builds brand recognition.

Know Your Customers through a FREE weekly Excel file with customer contact information and frequency of visits. This service can have ongoing business value to you for marketing purposes.

Third-Party Delivery Conversion opportunity to shift customer behavior away from third party delivery services to "customer pick-up", saving you money on every order.

Increased Come-In or Dine-In Traffic opportunity through "in-person" or "dine-in only" offers to support staff and upgrade sales. You may even pull some people away from shopping online.

Brand Authority Build with links from Let's Save Local to your website and social media.

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