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Let's Save Local is the best fundraiser in the country to quickly earn much needed money for your sports booster club, PTO/PTA/PTSO, band, orchestra, sports team or nonprofit. If your group supports schools or your community, needs to raise money, and is motivated to build big ongoing streams of cash, Let's Save Local needs to talk to you! Getting started is easy -- because it should be.


Does your nonprofit, curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular school group need to fundraise and make money for operating funds, a capital purchase or a special event? Let's Save Local can get you to your goal.   

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If Let's Save Local is not in your community yet, we need to "Bring It!" Find out how to bridge Let's Save Local to where you live.

Is Your Group A Good Fit for Let's Save Local?
Question 1
Are You An Organization That Benefits Public Schools And Students or an Entire Community? Examples Are Booster Clubs, Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO/PTA) or Programs for the Arts.
Question 2
Do You Have A Need For Ex-School Budget or Additional Funds To Help Make Your Program The Best It Can Be?
Question 3
Is Your Group Motivated To Generate Revenue Today That Will Continue to Benefit Your Group Year After Year?
If You Answered "Yes" to All...
Apply NOW to Become an Authorized Let's Save Local Fundraiser. It's super easy to join! Just Scan In Below. You will need to have the Messenger App installed. Download | Apple | Android  

You can also e-mail with the following information:

  • Your organization's name

  • The name, address and phone of the public school district to which you are connected

  • How your organization benefits the school and students

  • A few sentences on how you plan to execute this fundraiser

  • Your full contact information (name, e-mail, telephone)


If accepted, within 48 hours, Let's Save Local will call you to talk about your Launch Plan.

  • Organization Sales Agreement

  • Information Setup Document

  • Fundraiser Kick-Off Zoom Training

  • Proprietary System Setup > Scan Codes > E-mail Address > Webpage > Marketing Materials

How To Fundraise Selling Local Memberships

For this fundraiser, your nonprofit will have its own QR (quick response) scan code to track sales.

  • Your teams can reach customers electronically or in person to purchase their Let's Save Local Membership.

  • The sign-up and purchase process are incredibly simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

  • The sale price and earnings per sale will be stated in the Agreement.

  • Earnings will be deposited into your bank account once per month.

Why You Should Do This Today

Fast Money. You could be selling with a week and get your first check by the end of the month.

Renewals. If you stay active in the program, the agreement can be renewed each year, which will allow you to earn money on membership renewals.

Let's Save Local will support your selling efforts!

E-mail Blasts. Confidentially provide us with your e-mail list and we will market for you.

Multiple Scan Codes. You can have additional scan codes as needed, including codes linking to events, programs, rosters or schedules. Ever patron scan is an upcoming opportunity for a Let's Save Local Membership or even a membership to your club.

Custom Webpage. For credibility and self-promotion, your group will have its own webpage on this website. You link back to it from your own website to build SEO authority.

Custom E-mail. To show you're on the team, you will have an e-mail address which will automatically be forwarded to an e-mail of your choosing.

Digital Marketing Materials. You will have access to digital everything, plus call scripts and a game plan for getting the word out to your community.

The Sooner We Start, The Sooner You Earn
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